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The transportation experiment center of Harbin institute of technology (hereinafter referred to as the “center”) is founded in 2004.There are 2 professor level senior engineer,3 senior engineer,6 engineer and 2 assistant engineer to take charge of the experimental teaching and scientific research work of the transportation science and engineering college. Relying on the “center”, the college has established the Traffic Industry Key Laboratory of Traffic Safety Specialty Materials and Intelligent Control Technology, the Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Heilongjiang province, the key laboratory of intelligent traffic management and technology of Heilongjiang province, the Provincial Engineering Laboratory for Advanced Transportation Technology in Cold Regions, the Research Base of Road Traffic Safety of Cold Area of Ministry of Public Security ,the Key Laboratory of Urban Road and Traffic, the Harbin Institute of Technology and University of Washington Joint Laboratory for Advanced Transportation Technologies.

The center is a comprehensive open platform of teaching and scientific research, with a total area of more than 2500 square meters. And there are more than 1000 sets of laboratory equipment, whose cost is more than 26 million. Currently the center have 8 professional laboratories, they are asphalt and asphalt mixture laboratory, geotechnical and aggregate laboratory, subgrade and pavement laboratory, building materials laboratory, bridge laboratory, transportation laboratory, credit control laboratory and measurement laboratory, in which the building materials laboratory and the measurement laboratory is the double-base laboratory approved by Heilongjiang province. There are more than 1500 people to carry out undergraduate experimental teaching and more than 100 people to take part in graduate students experimental teaching each year.

The center pays attention to the construction and improvement of the basic conditions. It has constructed the Material Microscopic Performance Experimental Platform, the Internal Structure of Damage Evaluation Experiment Platform, the Road Material Experiment Platform, the Traffic Flow Information Monitoring and Detecting Technology Platform, the Traffic Signal Development Environment and Simulation Platform, the Road Traffic Simulation Platform, etc. It has developed a number of industry leading equipment independently, such as Multifunctional Road Check-out Car, many kinds of mass sensor synchronous data acquisition software and its integrated system, Asphalt Mixture Performance Measurement and Control System, etc. It has the symbolic instruments in the field, including: AS 1300 Truck Driving Simulator, Industrial CT, Bending Beam Rheometer Test System, Road Crack Seal Material Low Temperature Performance Tester, Germany Sally Repair System, Falling Weight Deflection Instrument,1000 Tons of Rubber Bearing Testing Machine, etc.