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Department of Transportation Engineering
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The Department of Transportation engineering in School of Transportation Science and Engineering was formed in Nov. 2005. It was developed from Transportation Engineering research group.

There are 25 faculties in the department, including 8 Professors, 9 Associate Professors and 8 Assistant Professors. 18 of them hold Ph.D. degrees. The department offers postdoctoral position under Transportation Engineering program. The Transportation Planning and Management program is the key construction program in MOHURD and 985 Project.

The research fields include the transportation planning and management, transportation information engineering and controlling, shipment tools application engineering, transportation planning theory, road transportation safety, transportation flux theory, road designing theory, transportation management, transportation economy, intelligent transportation system, transportation simulation  techniques, transportation monitoring techniques, transportation controlling techniques, shipment tools and logistics system, and vehicle emission pollution and controlling techniques.

In recent five years, Department of Transportation Engineering have finished more than 70 projects, published over 300 papers and 30 books, and won the second place of the National Science and Technology Awards, 2 first place and 8 second place of the Provincial Science and Technology Awards.