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Department of Road and Railway Engineering
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The Department of Road and Railway engineering in school of Transportation Science and Engineering was established in Nov. 2005. It was developed from Road Engineering research group. The department has road and railway engineering discipline and road, bridge and water transportation major (road engineering direction). The research fields include the high way, urban road, airport pavement, and the main structure of bridges. The main goal is to educate talents for road transportation system, urban construction system, railway and airport construction system and colleges.

There are 18 faculties in the department, including 5 Professors, 7 Associate Professors and 6 Assistant Professors. 12 of them hold Ph.D. degrees,which is 66.7 percent of the faculties. The road and railway engineering discipline has postdoctoral center, doctor of engineering, master of engineering degree awarded. It is key discipline in Ministry of Construction and Heilongjiang Province. Road laboratory is the key laboratory of Ministry of Construction. 

Based on the domain idea of highlighting the technique in cold region, sustainable development, and independent innovation, the main researches are viscoelastic theory of asphalt materials based on rheology, road construction technique under the interaction of water, temperature and vehicle loading, transportation and road detecting techniques, analysis system for pavement characteristics and vehicle behavior, pavement management and maintenance, paving technique to reduce the heat island effects and so on.

In recent five years, department of road and railway engineering finished more than 130 projects, published over 210 papers and 16 books, and won about 30 awards. As the first participant, the department edited two standards of Ministry of Communications. The department directed two western traffic construction projects, and finished eleven projects with others. Moreover, the department actively joined in engineering practice, finished technical guidance and consultant service about highway from Changchun to Sipping, Shenyang to Shanhaiguan, and Harbin to Changchun.